DJ JenkD

DJ JenkD

Eric Jenkins

Eric is the president of Jenk’D Inc and shares his passion of music and entertainment with everyone he meets. Eric is married with 3 children and soon to be 2 grand children. He is married to his wife Tanya for two years now. Eric is an expert in planning your reception and party and can help in more ways than you may need. Eric is the Master MC at Jenk’D; he will get your party hopping from start to finish.


Nick is a highly skilled DJ. His specialty is picking the right music for the right crowd. DJ NK doesn’t miss a beat during his gigs. Nick’s obsession with music and staying up with all of the new music makes him our Master Of Charts.

DJ Pito

DJ Pito is our party GURU. He enjoys making the dance floor pop with beautiful people. Pito is our in house party animal and he is ready to get the party started.